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Meet Jason Sheldon
Susan Vulich
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Meet Jason Sheldon

My Three Angels Spotlight

From the time I was a child I've enjoyed performing on stage. My youth was filled with music, theater, acting, singing, and occasional adventures in the woods...But that's another story. Four years ago, after a twenty year hiatus, I was thrilled to return to the stage in a production of Urinetown and then again last year in Hunchback of Notre Dame. It just goes to show you can leave the theater, but the theater never leaves you!

We asked Jason a few questions about his background and interest in this show.

Q: Who or what inspired you to start doing theater?

A: The first time I remember getting the theater bug, was way in grade school actually!  I was the Sheriff of Nottingham in Robin Hood.  I was terrified on stage.  I had an awesome grade school music/theater teacher who found ways to keep me focused and calm by focusing on the piano or some other noise or prop nearby.  I still remember that feeling with the stage lights, a microphone, and audience that seemed huge but was probably tiny, and that calming piano just moving things along.  After the show I remember a friend told me "You did really well.  That was very brave!".  That whole experience planted a seed and I developed a love of performing.

Q: What was the first play you remember seeing?

A: The Lion in Winter.  Still one of my favorites!

Q: What is the favorite role you've ever played? 

A: Bert Jefferson in the Man Who Came to Dinner.  I got to pretend to be drunk and thoroughly enjoyed getting laughs with that.

Q: What dream role do you want to play?  

A: Henry II, The Lion in Winter.  

Q: What is the most challenging part of bringing this story to life?  

A: Jules is introspective and has a subtle sense of humor.   He's also tragically romantic and strangled his wife so I think that's a tough combination to pull off!  I'm thoroughly enjoying the challenge. 

Q: Do you have performance superstitions?  

A: Not really.  I was particularly nervous before a performance once and asked a cast member to keep me loose and not let me get tense.  With a deadpan expression, she slapped me.  Hard.  I found it both effective and endearing.  I'd sort of like that to become a superstition.

Q: If someone was going to make your life into a movie, who would you want to play you?  

A: Peter O'Toole.  I can pick him right?  Probably my favorite actor ever.

Q: What do you do when you're not doing theater?  

A: I work in IT and wear khakis.  I also enjoy sci-fi, yoga, going to see local shows, and am currently in the market for a kayak.

Q: Which character from M3A would you most like to have dinner with and why?  

A: Joseph.  It would probably have great food, good wine, and exaggerated stories.

Q: Why should people come to see this production of M3A?  

A: This show has endearing characters and is simultaneously comical and thoroughly unpretentious.  I also think Craig put together a great cast that geniunely enjoys performing together!

Come meet us in person at any of our My Three Angel performances!

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