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Jobs with Honorariums

We pay an honorarium for these positions. Community theatre appreciates the talents of all those who take part in a production, but our overall philosophy is to bring the show to life for the love of theatre and not for financial gain. We are a non-profit company. However, we also understand a couple key things: we live in a competitive society and we realize the positions below take the lead in launching the show. For that, we want to honor these individuals with some small monetary sum at the end of the show which we hope will both cover some of their costs and their time commitment to us.

We are actively looking for the following positions for The Sound of Music:

Director - FILLED - Jorge Bermudez

Vocal Director - FILLED - Mary Barrios

Music Director - FILLED - Emma Gingold

Choreographer - FILLED - Jake Ganzer

Stage Manager - FILLED - Taylor Weisz

Assistant Stage Manager - FILLED - Giana Salerno

Lighting Designer - FILLED - Ann Huerta

Prop Designer - FILLED - Mary Margaret Tarsitano


Technical Director

The Technical Director will oversee all technical aspects as well as coordinate a build schedule with the Master Carpenter.  You'll need well-rounded experience in all technical aspects of production, and a friendly, mentoring outlook on volunteers and fellow crew to create an inclusive learning environment. You'll begin ASAP and work with the creative team to help form and fulfill their artistic vision. Work will continue through load-out up to August 4. The honorarium is $1200.

Scenic Designer

You'll begin ASAP with the directors to design the look of the show, then create plans to pass to the master carpenter and prop master. Most designers of our shows assist with set construction as well. Experience with set design, access to drafting tools, and a cooperative demenor, are all desired traits in our scenic designers. The honorarium is $500.

Sound Designer

Our Sound Designer is responsible for balancing the singers with the orchestra, creating a mic plot, and ensuring that our audience hears every word and melody. You'll have access to all of our sound equipment, and if you determine that there are additional sound needs, you'll work within the budget to rent extra equipment. Ideally the Sound Designer runs the board during the performances. The honorarium is $500.

Costume Designer

You'll design the look of our actors on stage and source all costumes and accessories (like purses and wigs). Sewing skills are a plus, but the most important qualities are a great eye and a creative use of the costume budget! Rentals, thrift store purchases, and hand-made pieces are usually combined to create a cohesive costume design, but start with Summer Place's storage unit. You should also be available during the run of the show to repair or clean costume pieces as needed. The honorarium is $500.

Master Carpenter

The Master Carpenter's job is to take the scenic design and bring it to life! With the help of your assistant and the build crew, you will do the hands-on work of ordering the lumber and building platforms, walls, stairs, and other set pieces to the appropriate dimensions. You'll work closely with the scenic designer, the director, and the choreographer to ensure that the set is safe to use and gives the actors enough space to move around. The ideal candidate has several years of carpentry experience, especially building stage sets or other structures. The honorarium is $500.

Assistant to Master Carpenter

You'll need several years of carpentry experience, and some set-building knowledge is a plus! You'll take direction from the Master Carpenter and help to procure building materials, measure and cut lumber, and assemble the set pieces. The honorarium is $250.


A small but mighty crew will build the set before the show, perform stage hand duties at each performance, and strike the set afterward. It's a big, important job! Our ideal crew members already have some theatre experience, but we're happy to help dedicated, enthusiastic folks learn the ropes (literally--how do you think the curtain opens?). Heavy lifting, use of power tools, and a lot of physical movement required. Each crew position receives a $300 honorarium, and positions are limited.


Our musicians bring the score to life! You'll prepare your part on your own, attend orchestra rehearsals prior to the show, and attend all tech rehearsals and performances. Professional and amateur musicians alike are welcome to submit a resume, and you may be asked to send in a recording or attend an audition. Positions are limited to the orchestration listed on Concord Theatrical's website. Each musician will receive an honorarium of up to $375.

We're always on the lookout for excellent theatre professionals to direct, design, and manage our shows.

These jobs have an honorarium payment and contractor agreement associated with them. 

We are looking for people with some experience in theatre production for these spots, but for assistant roles, we'll be happy to train on the job.

The best approach is to contact us. Attach a resume (MS Word or PDF). Let's get the conversation going!


Acting Jobs

All our actors are unpaid. In fact, there's a script and costume offset fee that each actor pays per performance with us. 

The latest Audition information is on our Auditions page.

Volunteer Jobs

Box Office Manager

Box Office Staff

House Manager


Ticket Scanners

Concessions Manager

Concessions Staff


Publicity Committee Members

Fiduciary Committee Members

Some of these roles are one night commitments, and some have increasing responsibility that may last the full summer season or longer. Most take a minimum of training which you'll get when you arrive. The best approach is to talk with our volunteer coordinator who can help you decide what role is best for you. Send us an email:


Stay Informed

We send out an email when we are in need, or to keep you informed of upcoming volunteer opportunities. 

If you want to be notified, click the button below to add your name to the mailing list.


About Getting Involved

Whether you can help for one night, all summer, or an hour here and there, we would love to have you be part of the team!

Volunteering opportunities include set building, costuming, backstage crew, ushering, concessions and box office support, props coordination, marketing and promotion, fundraising, play reading, and more.

Remember, you can find out how you and your family can get involved by emailing us.

Here's a partial list of what our awesome volunteers do:


Ushers greet audience members at the door of the theatre and pass out programs, point out bathrooms, assist people with the elevator, and help people to their seats as needed. They open the doors at intermission, monitor the bringing of concessions into the theatre (politely remind them to finish their concessions in the lobby), and assist the House Manager as requested. Ushers may watch the show in the theatre once the audience is seated. This is a one-time commitment.

Box Office Staff

The Box Office staff checks in season ticket holders, scans tickets, sells tickets (either by collecting cash and returning correct change, or scanning a credit card), and directs audience members to the theatre. They may perform other tasks as requested by the Box Office Manager. This is a one-time commitment.


The volunteers who sell concessions during intermission will collect cash and return correct change, replenish concessions as needed from the provided supply, and report any food or drink items that need to be replenished to the House Manager. This is a one-time commitment. 

Stage Crew

Stage Crew fills in behind the scenes as requested by the Stage Manager. They may move set pieces, place props on stage, run the sound or light board, operate spotlights, relay instructions from the Stage Manager, and perform other tasks as needed to ensure the show runs smoothly. They often work in very low light and lift heavy objects. The stage crew is committed for tech week and each performance.

Set Building

Tech Week: Volunteers who help to build the set will work under the Technical Director and/or Master Carpenter to construct, paint, and dress the set. They use power tools, paint set pieces and furniture, and perform other tasks as requested to prepare the stage for the opening of the show. This is a short-term commitment of one or two weeks.

Strike: At the end of the run of the show, the strike crew will dismantle the set and assist the staff with cleanup so we can vacate the theatre or prepare for the next show. These tasks could include

  • Helping the Lighting Designer unplug and remove or reposition lights
  • Helping the Sound Designer collect and inventory microphones and cables
  • Helping the Props Master collect and inventory props
  • Helping the Stage Manager collect and erase scripts
  • Helping the Costume Designer collect and inventory costumes
  • Helping the Technical Director or Master Carpenter take down the set and set dressings
  • Helping the Music Director dismantle the pit by moving instruments or chairs and music stands
  • Taking set pieces, furniture, props, and costumes to storage

This is generally a one-time commitment.

Production Team Volunteers

We need plenty of help to get the show from rehearsal to final curtain. Our production team needs help with costume design, props, operating the sound or light board, assisting the director or the stage manager, and acting or playing in the pit. These volunteers are committed for the run of the show.


Publicity volunteers help spread the word about Summer Place Events. They create and post flyers, brainstorm marketing campaigns, post on social media, and perform other tasks as requested by the Publicity Chair. Some other tasks may include:

  • Collecting cast and crew bios and headshots
  • Taking cast and crew headshots
  • Photographing rehearsals, shows, and other events
  • Updating the website with news articles
  • Visiting retirement communities to distribute publicity materials to their program director
  • Posting information about upcoming events on online calendars
  • Sending press releases to local newspapers

Volunteers may serve on the publicity committee for the whole year, or simply put up posters one Saturday morning. There’s something to fit every schedule.

Fiduciary Committee

Volunteers on the Fiduciary Committee help to keep Summer Place running throughout the year. They research and write grants, brainstorm and plan fundraisers, balance our accounts, sell ads and solicit donations, and act in the best interests of Summer Place Theatre. These positions can be long-term, or you can join us for a single grant-writing night.

Can you do one of these tasks? Email us or get on our mailing list!

Thank you for your support!

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