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The Passion of the Play
Don Gingold
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The Passion of the Play

Community members bring big production quality to a theatre near you

Did you see the big, live performance of "Jesus Christ SuperStar" on NBC television last night? Did you like it? I did too! There's just something about a live performance done in front of an audience by passionate performers that touches the heart. And of course such an iconic play performed on just the right day. Kudos all around.

But of course it was tough to watch and not draw comparisons to a performance Summer Place put on not quite two years ago. I remember the weeks of rehearsals, the very talented people from our community, the transformation of our theatre into a set very similar to what you saw last night, the goosebumps during some of the high notes, and the very impressed audience members leaving the performance with comments like "wow" and "oh, the voices" and "that was as good as anything I've seen downtown."

Let's see a couple clips from a performance.



There was quite a bit of passion in that play. Our performers, our musicians, our stage crew gave their all for a couple hours each night to hit their marks, hit their notes, and entertain their friends and neighbors with the best show they possilby could. And I think it shows in that video.

We're not boasting that we're better, or even as good; just that we're good too. And we're your neighbors. And we're just down the street. 

We don't have the same budget. It takes maybe $20,000 for us to put on a show, mostly to license the rights and rent the space, then to build the sets. That leaves little to pay directors, less to pay musicians and nothing to pay the actors, the ones pouring their hearts out to you each show. 

But we also don't stop the excitement of the story after each song for a commercial break, as you experienced last night. When we do a show, we give you just one intermission and the rest of the two hours is solid entertainment.

So our promise to you is big production quality that's just down the street in a theatre near you. All we ask in return is that you come see us. We realize you can't just sit on your couch to see us, but we think you'll find it worth the short drive over to Naperville Central High School's Auditorium on a summer's evening or a Sunday afternoon.

Our Summer season begins again in about 9 weeks. Watch this space for all the news and please buy tickets and come see us. 

Don Gingold
President, The Summer Place


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