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Matt Whalen / Wednesday, July 10, 1974 / Categories: Past Shows

Show Boat

Event date: 7/10/1974 7:00 PM - 7/20/1974 9:30 PM Export event
Show Boat

The Cast

Windy...Jim Ramlet
Steve Baker...David Ellzey
Queenie...Karen Gibson 
Parthy Ann Hawks...Paula Wallmark
Captain Andy Hawks...Frank Church 
Ellie...Julane Sullivan, Jan Kreitzer
Frank...Ray Vicek, David L. Kirk
Rubberface...David Reily
Julie...Penny Piekarski
Gaylord Ravenal...Donald Jacklich, David Dixon
Vallon... David Stewart
Magnolia...Michelle Hayes, Betty Karam
Joe...Verdell Roberts
Backwoodsman...J.R. Keller
Jeb...Tim Hoyt
Landlady...Diane Woods
Jim...David Larson
Jake...Russell Reinhard
Charlie...Ken Dudley
Mother Superior...Marcie Shaw
Kim...Peggy Murphy, Katie Murphy
Old Lady on Levee...Marilyn Rockstroh

Dancers: Cynthia Benn, Regina Caulker, Polley Cosgrove, Paula Frasz, Renee Gelish, Laura Nichols, Candy Olah, Sandy Rehak, Lee Ann Weeks, Wendy Vromen, David Collins, Jim Jefferson, David Reilly, Russ Roberts
Jan Zabinski

Chorus: Ben Covone, Joanne Keller, Larry Kroh, Dallas McKeller, Margaret Neville, Martha Bowser, Alencia Bonner, Tina St. Angelo Wetzel, Michael Smith, Beverly Solazzo, Samantha Woerz

Creatives & Crew

Director...Donald Shanower
Music Director...Bernard Izzo
Choreographer...Laura Grant
Scenic Designer...Blaine Covalt
Technical Director...Jan Zablinski
Stage Manager...Eduardo Echeverria
Assistant Stage Manager...Samantha Woerz
Rehearsal Accompanists....Lucy Weeks, Elizabeth Jacot, Russell Reinhard
Costumes...Pam Lenert, Samantha Woerz, Sue Anderson, Bev Schoenherr, Sue Wright
Makeup...Marilyn Weaver, David Collins, Samantha Woerz, Bill Erwin
Properties...Melanie Martin, Sally Huelscebusch, Dave Allen, Mary Koch, Mary Poeler, Lisa Dycus, Diane Hamilton, Diane Hooper, Paul Feistrup. Ed Lally, Lori Schults
Set Construction...Dan Crowe, Sue Stephens, Richard Gannon, Richard Harms, Wes Diemer, Robert Paul Brown
Lighting and Sound: Tom Izzo, Dave Avery, Dirk Wolgast, Scott Bringham


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