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You get:

1. Admission to The Sound of Music Singalong at Hollywood Palms in June

Don't miss the star-studded, red carpet event on Tuesday, June 14 at the Hollywood Palms. This is a VIP-ONLY event. Meet the cast, enjoy the cash bar from 6 to 7, peruse our raffle prizes, and then join us in the Wizard of Oz Theatre to watch the Julie Andrews - Christopher Plummer classic, with captions so you can yodel along!

Mingle and enjoy the ambiance of the lush Hollywood Palms atrium, and grab a drink at the cash bar during cocktail hour. Snap a photo with your friends at our DIY photo booth, and buy your raffle tickets for one of our fun prizes, like a private movie screening at Hollywood Palms! Raffles, cocktails, photo ops--"these are a few of our favorite things!"

At 7pm, the cast of our July production will warm you up with a rousing rendition of some of the most famous lyrics from the musical. We'll also invite to the stage anyone who dressed for the occasion. The guest who's the best dressed--whether that's red-carpet formal attire or a Sound of Music-inspired costume--will win a prize! Winners will be determined by audience choice. Unlike Captain von Trapp, we are definitely pro-"playclothes made out of curtains," and we're even ok with Maria's hideous brown outfit, so don't be shy!

Hollywood Palms requires film attendees to purchase a food item during the film, so servers will visit your seat during the show to "offer you food and wine" just like Liesl von Trapp. Choose from delicious menu items like classic buttery popcorn, loaded waffle fries, bacon cheeseburger, street tacos, cobb salad, banana split, and lots more. You can also freshen up your cocktail hour beverage or try a martini, margarita, or one of their many beer and wine options. Just check your seat before you sit down to eat--we wouldn't want you to sit on a pinecone!

And since it's a singalong, you are welcome--in fact, encouraged!--to interact with the characters on screen. Sing all the lyrics, recite all the lines, and go ahead and clap for that singer in the festival every time she bows!

2. An individual ticket to our performance of The Sound of Music in July

Of course you'll want to see our wonderful show. The unforgettable songs and the riveting story of opposition of one family to the evil of the Third Reich in 1930's Germany. VIP members get a ticket to any one of our 9 performances from July 15 through 31 at the Naperville Central High School Auditorium.

3. Stream "The Times Surrounding The Sound of Music" from our talk in April

President Don Gingold was on stage at Meiley-Swallow Hall on North Central College campus, April 12, for a 90 minute interview with two fascinating authors: Retired Major General Mari Eder talked about The Girls Who Stepped Out of Line, her book of unsung heros of WWII; Jennifer Coburn shared a bit about  her upcoming book Cradles of the Reich, a novelized account of the amazing, true story of nazi plans to create the master race. The authors zoomed in from either side of the country, and their books are published by local Sourcebooks. 

4. Stream our "TedTalk: The Making of Rogers & Hammerstein's The Sound of Music" from May

Long time friend of Summer Place, actor, director, board member, past president Ted Waltmire entertained us with stories of Rogers & Hammerstein as they created The Sound of Music, the play. A full house met in the community room of Nichols library on Monday, May 23. VIPs got preferred seating. Two of our actors performed a sneak peek of "No Way to Stop it," a song in the play that is NOT in the movies. Then, Ted held a Sound of Music trivia contents. Those who scored the highest were part of a drawing for several great books on the subject.

And it's all for just $35 dollars.

You're helping keep live theatre alive and enjoying special events in the process, so why wouldn't you?

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