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Emma Gingold
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Free Audition Workshop - Adults 17+

Here's everything you need to know to prepare and attend

The workshop will be held in the Naperville Central High School Community Room, on the northwest side of the complex. There is only 1 entrance - no other school entrances will lead you to the community room, so consult the map below.

school map

Arrive a couple minutes early so we can start right on time. That's the FIRST thing to learn about auditions. BE ON TIME. We start at 1:00.

COVID NOTE: Some folks will have masks on, some won't. Masks are welcome. When doing a song or monologue, we prefer you to remove it, but do what's right for you. And of course, we hope it's obvious, but if you're not feeling well the day of, DON'T COME. 

We'll begin with some physical warmups. Wear comfortable clothes. Neither the warmups nor dance lesson is too strenuous, so don't worry.

Then you'll learn about dance auditions from Choreographer Jake Ganzer. Not every play has singing and dancing, but it's good to learn how to do it. And not everyone needs to be a great dancer to be in a show. Sometimes it's just a couple steps. 

After that, we'll have vocal warmups, then your lesson in doing a good song audition. Mary Barrios will teach about musical theater vocal attributes, discuss tips for taking care of your voice, and what to expect during a vocal audition.

Please feel free to bring sheet music and prepare a short section to perform if time allows. Mary will give you pointers on how to improve.

Bring a water bottle if you need one. We'll take a short break after singing.

Our Sound of Music Director Jorge Bermudez will be teaching you acting audition skills. Before the workshop, prepare one of the monologues at the bottom of this note. Be ready to either read it really well or tell it from memory. We understand there's a short time before the workshop, so do your best, push yourself a little if you think you can memorize it, and you'll get that much more out of the class. Everyone will get a chance to monologue, and Jorge will tell you how you did, and how you can improve.

We'll work right up to 3pm, so if you have somebody picking you up, please tell them to be waiting in the parking lot outside the community room before then.

Remember, this is a general workshop for auditions, not just how to audition for Sound of Music, but it's a great way to meet the directors and, from what they teach you, you'll know what they're looking for when Sound of Music auditions happen in April.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Monologue Selections

Auditioning for Male Roles

From Lone Star by James McLure
We got kicked out of The Ace's Lounge and Mr.. Torch for fighting. We started them. Then! At the Swamp Club, Wayne tried to pick up these two Italian girls. Well, their boyfriends didn't like that one little bit. And let me tell you something, Ray. If you're ever in that part of the world, don't ever get involved with no Louisiana Eye-talians. There ain't nothin' worse than the Southern Mafia! The Italians pullout their knives, and me and Wayne run back to the truck to get my shotgun. But then the Eye-talian guys pull out their guns and start shootin' at us! But we made it back to the truck, and while Wayne backs the truck out of the parking lot I fired out the window at the Eye-talians. Wayne backed up into one car, hits a fence, and then as he's leaving the parking lot he side-swipes an oncoming Lincoln Continental. We had ourselves a time.

From When Mel Fell for Nell by D. M. Larson
One day I began to notice you more and more, I started to see how you really were. You wanted people to think you were one thing but I saw through it. You were very kind, misunderstood, and was in need of love. It occurred to me you were in danger, holding on by a thread and needed to be sewed back together. Going against what my brain was thinking and going with my heart and soul I decided to pursue you.

People judged, gossiped, and outright hated us. Trying to pull us apart, they were almost successful. The fear in us, the "What if's?" and "Why are we doing this?" swarmed our minds. No matter where we went it followed.

Finally we broke, pieces of us were scattered around us. Trying to put myself back together I felt it was unsuccessful, I needed one last part to my life, you. Starting to think about being with you made me scared, the biggest thought was the idea of breaking apart again.

Auditioning for Female Roles

From Laundry and Bourbon by James McLure
Hattie: Say mind if I use your phone? Figure I better check on the kids. No telling what devilment they've gotten up to. (Dialing.) Everything gonna turn out fine you'll see. (On the phone.) Hello? Cheryl? Cheryl dear, this is Mommy. . . Mommy. . . your mother. (Aside.) Child needs a hearing aid. What's that dear? Vernon Jr. threw a rock at you? Well, throw one back at him, honey. Show him who's boss. Cheryl, sweetheart, put Grandma on the phone. . . Cheryl this week! (Pause.) Sounds -like they're running her ragged. Yes it's nice to hear your voice again too . . . You're playing what? Sniper? OK . . . OK . . . "Yabba dabb doo" to you too. (She hangs up.) She'll walk right under that tree. The child has no more sense than God gave a screwdriver.

From the musical, 42nd Street
DOROTHY: So you’re going to take my place. When I started for the theatre this afternoon, I wanted to tear your heart out. I wanted to hate you, I wanted to see you fail. You, singing my songs, wearing my costumes, playing my role! But sitting there in that theatre and watching you rehearse, I found I couldn’t hate you... Because you’re good. Maybe even better than I would have been. The public wants youth, freshness, beauty, and Peggy, that’s what you’ve got. Only I’m getting something too. For ten years the theatre has kept me away from the only thing I’ve ever wanted. And it was a broken ankle that finally made me realize it. Pat Denning and I were married this morning! I have only one last wish for you, my dear. Get out there and be so swell you’ll make me hate you.


Open Monologue

When I see him, I feel him
There's an intenseness
In him, in his eyes
He wants me to be with him
He wants me with him now
Well it's hard to be civil
and it’s really hard to be nice

So how can you say “Well I don't know what love is”
You have it and you have no time for it
You feel completely indifferent
You feel pushed up against the wall
And then one day it just almost goes away

When I see her, I feel her
There's an intenseness
In her, in her eyes
She wants me to be with her
She wants me with her now
Well it's hard to be civil
and it’s really hard to be nice

So how can you say “Well I don't know what love is”
You have it and you have no time for it
You feel completely indifferent
You feel pushed up against the wall
And then one day it just almost goes away

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