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Free Audition Workshop - Kids 6-16

Here's what you need to know before the Workshop

The workshop will be held in the Naperville Central High School Community Room, on the northwest side of the complex. There is only 1 entrance - no other school entrances will lead you to the community room, so consult the map below.

school map

Arrive a couple minutes early so we can start right on time. That's the FIRST thing to learn about auditions. BE ON TIME. We start at 10:00.

COVID NOTE: Some folks will have masks on, some won't. Masks are welcome. When doing a song or monologue, people typically remove it, but if you prefer your young one keeps it on, that's perfectly OK. And of course, we hope it's obvious, but if your kid's not feeling well the day of, STAY HOME. 

We'll begin with some physical warmups. Wear comfortable clothes. Neither the warmups nor dance lesson is too strenuous, so don't worry.

Then you'll learn about dance auditions from Choreographer Jake Ganzer. Not every play has singing and dancing, but it's good to learn how to do it. And not everyone needs to be a great dancer to be in a show. Sometimes it's just a couple steps. 

After that, we'll have vocal warmups, then your lesson in doing a good song audition. Mary Barrios will teach you breathing, tone, diction, breath support, vocal ranges, and care of the voice while you all learn a song together. She's great with kids, having taught music for 35 years and directed many kid's musicals.

Bring a water bottle if you need one. We'll take a short break after singing.

Our Sound of Music Director Jorge Bermudez will be teaching you acting audition skills. Before the workshop, prepare in one of two ways: 1) think of a story you can tell us, no more than a minute; or 2) prepare one of the monologues at the bottom of this note. Be ready to either read it really well or tell it from memory. Everyone will get a chance to do this, and Jorge will tell you how you did, and how you can improve.

We'll work right up to 12pm, so parents, please be waiting in the parking lot outside the community room before then.

Remember, this is a general workshop for auditions, not just how to audition for Sound of Music, but it's a great way to meet the directors and, from what they teach you, you'll know what they're looking for when Sound of Music auditions happen in April.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Kids/Young Adults Monologue Selections

These monologues may be long for younger auditioners. No problem. Do what you can. Maybe the first 3-4 sentences. It's important to demonstrate memorization, but also interpretation.

(Alyssa gets ready for her prom night and shares her feelings with the audience)

Do you realize that tonight is the most important night of my life? Oh my God! Do you? It's like totally more important than cheer tryouts. It's more important than my first kiss, the first day of middle school, the first day of high school, the first day of Driver's Ed, more important than my driver's license. It is the pinnacle of the high school experience. The prom. Prom night. The night that I will remember for the rest of my life. I spent $600 on my dress. Anyway, Jane Hickman spent a thousand... She's a total daddy's girl. For her 16th birthday, her Dad bought her a brand new Ford Explorer. For my 16th birthday I only got a two-year old Taurus. I'll just kill myself if she gets homecoming queen. I swear! It's bad enough her dress cost more. It's bad enough she's got a newer car. I hate my parents. My father needs to get his butt in gear and get his daughter a fifteen-hundred dollar dress so she doesn't look like a bag lady at the prom. That's what I'm going to look like. A bag lady! Jane Hickman is gonna' be prom queen for sure. This is gonna' be the worst night of my life.”

(In this teen drama girl monologue, MELANI talks to her Auntie about her deep interest in making the world better by helping people.)

I want to be famous. I want to be absolutely famous. Not famous like a singer or actress...I want to be known for helping people. I only want the fame to come because I know that it will help make people more aware of my cause. I plan on using fame to strengthen what I believe in for the benefit of others.

...I see so many horrible things going on in the many people suffering in so many different countries...including our makes me think what kind of future will my generation have?

This is what motivates me...helping people. That much I am certain of...I know there is nothing else I wish to do in my life but make this world better, bring people together, make things good. I’m taking time now while I’m young to figure out my plan and strategies to make a difference.

I’m not trying to claim that I want to be some sort of saint but I know my calling is to bring about change, here, before I leave...and I know I will.

(In this monologue, Steve discusses how annoying his Uncle is because he repeats the same story over and over again. )

How annoying is he? How many times is he going to repeat the same story? I’ve been hearing that story since I was like five. You’d think by now he would retire the stupid thing. I must have heard that story fifty times and each time it is told the same exact way.

When I mean exact, I mean exact. The same punctuation, pauses, looks. The same way he always gives you the dead pan stare halfway through his speech, waiting for your reaction. It’s like playing out the same scene all these years.

You would think he has more than one story. Nope. Not my Uncle. Just one. Come to think of it, I don’t believe I ever hear my Uncle talk, except for that one story…

(In this monologue, Lane talks to his friends outside of school about a girl he likes.)

Michelle was staring at me in fifth period English. She keeps smiling at me and then in seventh period gym, we were by the ropes and when it was my turn to climb the rope, she came behind me and gave me a BOOST! It was soooo romantic. When she first helped me I froze. I thought I was going to die! I was like, “Thanks”. hahaha. I couldn’t even speak. God, she’s soooooo hot. Soooo, soooo hot. (daydream sigh)

I wonder what life would be like with Michelle...lost forever in her sparkling blue eyes. We can have a big house, with lots of trees and....wait, I need to get a grip of myself. (clears her throat) Sorry. (daydream sigh) She’s amazing...

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