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Meet Terri Crain Goodman
Emma Gingold
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Meet Terri Crain Goodman

Mamma Mia! Spotlight

During her 40 years in the theatre, Terri has been seen on stage as Fanny Brice, Mama Rose, Marion Paroo, Marmee, Annie Oakley and Miss Hannigan. This summer, she's our Tanya in Mamma Mia! She has worked with theatres from Wheaton to Dixon and was honored in 2014 to be a SCOTY Award recipient from Stage Coach Players in DeKalb.

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We asked Terri a few questions about herself.

Q: Who or what inspired you to start doing theater?

A: The summer before my freshman year of high school, the high school drama director staged our church youth group’s Parents Night performance of “Kids” from Bye, Bye Birdie. He told me after our performance that he hoped to see me at the high school musical auditions that fall. I’ve been hooked ever since!

Q: What was the musical that had you fall in love with musicals?

A: Gypsy

Q: What is the favorite role you've ever played?

A: Fanny Brice

Q: What is the dream role you still want to play?

A: Nellie Lovett

Q: Most challenging part of bringing this story to life?

A: Building the 20+ year friendships of these three ladies with a brand new cast of friends--but a wonderful challenge to conquer!

Q: Do you have any performance superstitions?

A: Not really any superstitions, but I like to do my makeup and preshow prep with some Carolina Beach music cranked and give myself plenty of time to dive into my character and leave the real world behind.

Q: If someone was going to make your life into a movie, who would you want to play you?

A: ME (or my Mini-Me, my daughter)

Q: What do you do when you’re not doing theater?

A: Go to see theatre! (And spend lots of time with my family!)

Q: If you were stranded on an island, which character from Mamma Mia would you want to have with you and why?

A: Tanya, of course. Because she’s the only one who truly understands why you need to bring six pairs of shoes for a two-day getaway!

Q: Why should people come see this production of Mamma Mia?

A: The sheer energy of the cast is exhilarating and the vocals are not to be missed!

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