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My Three Angels
Emma Gingold
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My Three Angels

One Weekend: Friday 7:30pm; Saturday 2pm & 7:30pm at Community Yellow Box Theatre

Written by Samuel Spewack and Bella Spewack
Based on La Cuisine Des Anges by Albert Husson

Directed by Craig Gustafson

Felix, a kind-hearted but not business-minded shopkeeper living on the coast of French Guiana, is struggling to collect on the many lines of credit he has graciously handed out, without much success and much to his wife Emilie’s frustration. To make matters worse, Felix’s scheming cousin Henri arrives with the intention of cheating Felix out of the business. Henri brings his nephew Paul, who jilted Felix’s daughter Marie-Louise in favor of an heiress. The family appears to be swimming in misfortune, but a Christmas miracle occurs. Three convicts—Jules, a swindler; and Joseph and Alfred, both murderers—overhear Felix’s woes from their spot on the roof, which they have been repairing as part of a work-release program. They get to work solving the family’s problems one by one, even cooking Christmas dinner, quickly becoming a trio of guardian angels.

Adapted as a movie in 1955, We’re No Angels starred Humphrey Bogart as Joseph, Peter Ustinov as Jules, Aldo Ray as Albert (formerly Alfred) and Basil Rathbone as Henri. You can find the movie on youtube. It's very entertaining and almost identical to the play.


The 1955 movie version of this story, We’re No Angels, stars Humphrey Bogart, Aldo Ray, and Peter Ustinov. There's also an Australian TV adaptation, and it's easy to see why it's such a popular tale: Lifetime's got nothing on this heartwarming Christmas story! Tickets are on sale now, but why not consider season tickets for all 3 shows this summer.


GREAT NEWS! After a long hunt (learn more here) we've found a great home for this summer. Community Yellow Box Theatre in the Community Christian Church complex at Ogden and Rickert in Naperville.

Production Team

My Three Angels is directed by Craig Gustafson, long time collaborator, actor, director and playwright for Summer Place and well-known throughout the Chicago suburbs, directing many hit plays.

Props: Sharesa Uher Moffit, Sara Blankestyn
Sound Design: Jeff Sand
Lighting: Samuel Lee
Set Design/Tech Director: Charles Martin
Producer: Susan Vulich

Key positions still needed: Assistant Director or Stage Manager, and others.


JOSEPH (James Turano, River Forest):  Energetic embezzler, con man and forger.  Extremely enterprising in dealing with emergency situations.

JULES (Jason Sheldon, Oswego):  Romantic and sad, in a thoroughly French way.  An otherwise decent man who killed his wife upon finding her in bed with another man.

ALFRED (Dan Knauf, Aurora): A young Parisian socialite who had a constant need for money and a hot temper.  Murdered his stepfather for not bailing him out with a loan.  Alfred is very strong.  He has a sense of decency, but you do not want to mess with Alfred.

FELIX (Patrick Daly, Naperville):  A gentle, childlike dreamer.  Utterly impractical, he runs a store he is incapable of running.  Does the best he can.

EMILIE (Renata Bielskis, Naperville):  Beautiful, loving, but deeply unhappy at having two children to look after – her daughter and her husband.

MARIE LOUISE (Megan Conrad, Aurora):  Giddy, mercurial, head-in-the-clouds romantic.  She gets her beauty from her mother and her disposition from her father.

HENRI (Don Gingold, Naperville):  Cold, inflexible, mercenary, callous and evil.  Underneath his harsh exterior is a harsher interior.

PAUL (Mike Duffy, Westmont):  Handsome stinker.  Not as cold as Henri, only because he hasn’t had time yet.  Not as rigid as Henri because he doesn’t have a spine.

MME PAROLE (Alisha Keane, Naperville):  Felix’s deadbeat customer.  Pretentious, judgmental, stingy and mean.  Puts on airs.

LIEUTENANT (Jordan Vulich, Naperville):  Stalwart young naval lieutenant.  Would be Our Hero if he didn’t make his entrance so late in the show.

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