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We'll Meet Again
Don Gingold
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We'll Meet Again

Join us in a Community Singalong!

This has been a crazy Summer 2020. We had 3 great live on-stage productions all planned and had to cancel them. We've done some cool virtual things during the summer as a small replacement for the entertainment we had to halt, and now that the summer months are flying past, its time to plan a finale that'll put a meaningful cap on the "Season that wasn't." 

The Big Announcement

Watch the video above as I announce our big community singalong.

In a nutshell, here's what we're doing: everyone's invited to record themselves (or have a friend record you) singing "We'll Meet Again" - we even made a karaoke video for you - and then upload the recording to us. We'll mix it in with the others and premiere YOUR music video during the labor day weekend.


We've extended the due date to Saturday, August 22 at 11:00pm. But don't wait. Do it soon. The Early Bird gets the solo! See below.


If you've never made a video like this, don't worry, its not that hard, nor does it have to be perfect. I've made an easy-to-follow instruction video to show you how its done.

The "How To" Video


Here's the song that we're going to sing together. Our Vice President and everyone's favorite accompanist Emma Gingold recorded the piano track. Sing along to this custom-made karaoke video so we all match in pitch and tempo. But remember to wear headphones so only you hear the accompaniment and the piano doesn't get recorded on your video. Refer back to the instructions in the above video.

Our Custom-Made Karoake Video


If you've done all this, you're now looking for the QR code so you can upload the video file to us. Just point your phone's camera at the image below in this news story and it'll recognize that its a link. Follow the link, choose the file from your photo library, upload it with your name and email, and voila! You're done.

Upload Your Video Via QR Code

"I Can Get a Solo?"

We're looking forward to many participants. Remember, some of you might get solos. Maybe you sound great! Maybe your video is funny! Maybe eveybody in town knows you! But don't worry. If you don't get a solo, you'll definitely be in the chorus, so look for your video in one of the zoom-like group shots in the final release.

Speaking of releases, expect to see the big debut on Labor Day, the official Last Day of Summer, and the end of this "season that wasn't".

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