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Labor Day = unofficial end of summer, but "We'll Meet Again"

Happy Labor Day! Today we honor our workers and the fight for a fair wage, but Labor Day also means the unofficial end of summer. What a fitting time to sing one last song in this "Summer Season That Wasn't."

Back during World War II, everybody in England was singing Vera Lynn's hit, "We'll Meet Again." The words are just as pertinent today, and just as optimistic.

We'll meet again.; don't know where, don't know when, but I know we'll meet again some sunny day!

As you know, Summer Place was forced to cancel our season due to the pandemic. Our 3 shows were all set around World War II. What a fitting way to end our summer season, with a beloved WWII song!

We put out notices for anyone in the community to send us a video of themselves singing the song. We met some new talent in the process, and also heard from some old friends. Then we did some fancy video mixing, and created something we hope you enjoy.

We're launching the song today, Labor Day, since it marks the unofficial end of summer.

Here's one last song before we go.


Do you have a Smart TV? It looks and sounds great on that! You probably have a YouTube App. Launch it, then search for "Summer Place We'll Meet Again," and select it with your remote.

Support Your Local Community Theatre

After bringing you 53 years of big theatre productions at little theatre prices produced by your friends and neighbors, a virus put a halt on season 54. 2020 was the season that wasn't.

Ticket sales pay for our production and what's left pays for storage, insurance and all those year-round costs. But this year, no ticket sales.

Some folks turned their season ticket into a donation, and still others sent additional donations through our website. Just recently, we started a Patreon channel, where we post private content like singing and acting lessons and performances just for Patreon subscribers. If you liked the group performance of We'll Meet Again, you can see all the individual performances that made up the group number. All those videos will be added during this week.

Our links to our various ways to donate can be found at:

Thank you, thank you!

And thank you to our singers! In order as they appear in the image at the top of our article:

Top row: Emily Cooley, Emma Gingold, Rick Love, Sara Blankestyn, Christina & Jason Peck. Next row: Kelsey Nichols, Mackenzie Gratten, Piper Sobel, Sam Mingo, Jessica Pouranfar, Kelly Markwell. Next row: Tina St Angelo Wetzel, Craig Gustafson (all 3 of him!), Laura Miller, your's truly. Next row: Cindi Goron, Gina Kovanich (and friend), and Mariangela Guglielmo. The fingers tickling the ivories belong to Emma Gingold.

We'll Meet Again!

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