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Ghost Stories Rise Again!
Kate Gingold Host
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Ghost Stories Rise Again!

Because our live show was a sell-out - and because we want to satisfy your urge for a fun, scary story! -  we are offering a chance to get in on the fun from the warmth and safety of your own home, on your schedule. Which means...


The stories are coming from inside the house!

We know that there are a million things you could watch to celebrate this spooky season. A lot of the draw of our live Ghost Stories in the Park... In the Dark! comes from the ambience - the cold pavilion, the descending darkness, the fog and rain and wind...

But our storytellers are still worth listening to, even if you have to be curled up on your warm couch in your PJs with a steaming mug of cider and a bowl of popcorn (bummer, right??).

That's why we have dropped the ticket price to a whopping $0. Yep, it's free! Tune into our YouTube channel for some Ghost Stories on Zoom ...In your Room! These spooky stories are yours to watch from Friday, October 23, until Halloween night. And after that... they disappear!

Take me to the video

Watch it on your phone, your laptop, your smart TV. Gather the family around and enjoy together!

About the Show

Sit back, relax, and enjoy fun and spooky tales from beyond! We have 13 tales (our lucky number!) and even a song to sing for you over the next 115 minutes. There are no commercial breaks. We simply move from story to story. Feel free to pause the show or even rewind and enjoy us again and again. You have from Friday at 7:00pm (central time) to Sunday at the same time. And then, like most spirits, we'll simply disappear!

Here's what to expect in the show

Your Ghost Host, Don Gingold, will Introduce the show

Don has been our director for the past 6 years, your ghost host for the past 10 years and one of our story tellers for 16 years. That's a long time. Talk about one foot in the grave, huh!? He's also the President of The Summer Place. He'll greet you at the top of the show, check in on you in the middle, and even introduce a couple "numbers" along the way.

Tracy Kay will tell "Next of Kin"

A story of family loyalty, if your aunt was a snake! Tracy has been well known to theatre goers in the Chicago western suburbs for awhile. She played Morticia in Wheaton Drama's Addams Family just before the pandemic, or about a jillion years ago it seems!

Jenny Wachter will tell her own experiences with The Smiling Man

Be careful who you encounter while walking home. Jenny returns for her 2nd year of story telling. Welcome back!

Emma Gingold tells about Baseball in Heaven

Two old friends wonder about sports in the great beyond. Emma is the Vice President of The Summer Place and often is Music Director for our live performances, when we get to have them. 

Shannon Burns tells about a Teeny Tiny Town

Pay close attention at the end of her story so you don't miss the end! bwahahaha! Shannon is a wonderful storyteller who also tells stories and gives tours at the Mayslake Peabody Estate. Sort of a busman's holiday for her!

Judy DiVita tells about Amanda

An old-time stalker and murder gets his comeuppance at a funeral. Judy was at the very first Ghost Stories back about 25 years ago, and we're so glad to have her back.

Dave Santori tells the tale of The Dead Man's Pants

He grew up in a strange family. He recounts a tale of watching  a late night horror movie. Dave tells stories all around Chicagoland, and we're very glad to have him back again.

Tracy Kay and Emma Gingold sing Re: Your Brains

Zombies attack via.... memo! Our Ghost Host sets the stage, Zombie Tracy sings the tale, while Emma accompanies on vocals and keyboard.

Emma Gingold tells the tale of Tailypo

Long ago in East Texas, a strange creature visits an old man. Emma has been telling this tale for years, and it never gets old. Enjoy!

Dave Santori tells us about Zadora

Ever wonder how they get the fortune tellers in those Coney Island machines? Or what happens when they get out? Dave puts a personal touch on this question.

Jessica  Zadlo tells about her cousin's doll

When a beloved cousin passes away, there's often still an attachment. Jessica was one of our students at the Ghost Story workshop last year and is back again with her own story.

Tracy Kay Knocks, Knocks, Knocks

A date goes horribly, horribly wrong in this tale.  And Tracy gives you goosebumps as she tells it.

Craig Gustafson brings us The Tell-Tale Heart

The Edgar Allan Poe classic story comes to life in a brand new way. Craig is well-known in Chicagoland theatre, as an actor, director and writer. You're going to love his interpretation in this story.

Sven Spokelse tells a Norwegian Ghost Story

Our Ghost Host makes a zoom call to his cousin in Norway who shares a story with us.

Can I watch it now?

If you can't wait, our Patreon subscribers can access the video from Sunday, October 18, until it opens to the public on Friday. Join our Patreon family for as little as $1 per month!

Can I help?

We want to thank all those who purchased tickets for the weekend of October 16, and we hope you enjoyed the show! Your support is always appreciated, but it is even more cherished during times like these where we can't operate as we usually do. Our decision to share the performance with the general public, rather than selling tickets for the final two weekends as planned, comes from our support of our excellent storytellers and our mission to produce quality theatre at affordable prices. Hiding this show behind a ticket price just isn't the right choice. But if you find yourself laughing, crying, smiling, or jumping out of your skin while watching our Ghost Stories in the Park ...In the Dark performances, please consider making a donation, however small, to show your support for your community theatre. We will keep performing as long as we have a supportive audience! Thank you for being a part of it.

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