Theatre Props for Sale - Lamps, Rotary Phones

Garage Sale June 24 and 25! Props, costumes, and more!

We had a big sale in June '22 and some theatre companies took advantage of this rare opportunity. 

We emptied both of our storage units to see what props, costumes, set pieces, and other items have been lurking in the dark recesses. Spoiler: it was way too much stuff! Some stuff we won't use for years, if ever. So it's time to part with it. Besides, storage rental keeps going up, so it's time to find another, smaller storage room.

Thank you for helping us out. And of course, as you know from the prices we accepted, you made out too!

You can still buy stuff.

Look at all the stuff we had!
This is what we started with. Then we packed up what wasn't needed for The Sound of Music. After the performances ended on July 31, we packed up the rest and moved out. (The kids are coming back to school so they need us out!)
if you see something you want/need, email and maybe we still have it so we'll arrange for you to pick it up.






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Props Available for Sale

Keep scrolling to get an idea of the kinds of props we're selling.

We have a wealth of prop items. Accessories, furniture, lamps, old telephones, you name it!

And we're happy to sell them to you at very reasonable prices.

Take a look down the page, and if you see something you'd like, email and let's talk.


Barbacide Disinfecting Jar with Combs 

11" Tall x 4" Wide 

Statue of Young Woman

24" Tall x 8" Wide 

Mint Green Canister Style Hair Dryer (50's/60's) 

12" Tall x 16" Wide 


Seafoam Green Flower Vase 

6" Tall x 6" Wide 

Tan & Gray Reel to Reel Tape Player

3" Tall x 10" Wide x 8" Deep


More Accessories









Glass & Brass Lamp 36" Tall x 6" Wide

Glass & Brass Lamp pictured above - fine detail photo 

Crystal Lamp with Gold Base

38" Tall x 8" Wide 

Hanging Lamps - (2) Round (pictured) and 1 square 

Ivory with Gold Accents - 16" Tall x 11" Wide 

Crystal Lamp with Hanging Teardrop Gems 

21" Tall x 8" Wide 

Lamp Shade- included with rental of above lamps 

Lamp Shade- included with rental of above lamps

Gray Desk Lamp 

14.5" Tall x 18" Wide x 6" Deep

Wrought Iron Hurricane Style Lamp with Glass Shades

15" Tall x 18" Wide x 6" Deep


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