Oo-wee, Marie! Announcing the Cast of Footloose!




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Oo-wee, Marie! Announcing the Cast of Footloose!
Emma Gingold
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Oo-wee, Marie! Announcing the Cast of Footloose!

Your friends and neighbors are kicking off their Sunday shoes this July and August

Summer Place Theatre just Can't Stand Still -- we have to announce our amazing cast for our final show of the season, Dean Pitchford and Walter Bobbie's Footloose!

Michael Metcalf -- Ren McCormack
Hannah Yonan -- Ariel Moore
Rick Love -- Rev. Shaw Moore
Kelley Dale -- Vi Moore
Matt Weaver -- Willard Hewitt
Shaheen Kapambwe -- Rusty
Abbie Friedenberg -- Urleen
Margaret Rogers -- Wendy Jo
Martha Capo -- Ethel McCormack
Vincent Prisco -- Chuck Cranston
Lori Bush Shepard -- Lulu Warnicker
Nickel Hays -- Betty Blast, Dance Captain
Keith Barrack -- Travis, Cowboy Bob, Dance Captain
Bryan Perez -- Lyle
Chris Knight -- Principal Clark
Sean Michael Williams -- Coach Dunbar
Elizabeth Morgan -- Eleanor Dunbar
Jake Murphy -- Jeter
Maddie McDowell -- Bickle
Emrose Seidenberg -- Ariel Understudy
Band Members: Tina Boffa, Lauren Kessler, Maddie McDowell, Madysen Simanonis
Ensemble: Keith Barrack, Tina Boffa, Nickel Hays, Lizzy Hughes, Lauren Kessler, Chris Knight, Maddie McDowell, Elizabeth Morgan, Sarah Morton, Jake Murphy, Bryan Perez, Emrose Seidenberg, Lori Bush Shepard, Krista Sherinian, Madysen Simanonis, Sean Michael Williams

Can You Find It in Your Heart to congratulate these folks? Let's Hear It for the cast of Footloose!

With a cast this talented, it's Almost Paradise -- but we're Holding Out for a Hero to fill the last two roles: Ren's uncle Wes Warnicker, and Willard's teenage buddy Garvin. If you're a gentleman or a teen boy, or you know someone who's interested in joining us for the summer, please contact us at footloose@summerplacetheatre.org.

Footloose opens the weekend of July 27. Can't make it? Don't worry, we're Still Rockin' the following weekend as well. For more information, visit our Footloose page. Get your tickets now!

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